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General Accident


Here for you, always.


Handling money, while in transit or in your safe often leaves one anxious and worried. Unexpected losses to your business in the event of robbery and theft causes unwanted setbacks. At Union Insurance Company, we understand your anxiety, but there is no need for you to worry anymore. Our Money Insurance policy provides extensive coverage against any such unfortunate events.

Extent of Cover

  • Currency notes
  • Cheques (other than blank or partly completed)
  • Travellers Cheques
  • Bankers Drafts

Cover will be up to the sum insured. Certain limits will apply including:

  • Maximum amount to be kept in specific safes/strong room
  • Maximum amount to be carried per transit

Main Exclusion

The policy will NOT cover losses:

  • resulting from fraudulent or uncollectable
  • by employee dishonesty/fraud (unless discovered within 7 days)
  • from fraudulent use of a computer or electronic transfer
  • from fraudulent use of credit or charge cards
  • from safe/strong room where key has been left on the premises overnight
  • or shortage due to errors or omissions
  • consequential loss of any kind
  • from unattended vehicles


Keep your business protected from any act of fraud or dishonest employees. Protect your business from financial losses with Union Insurance Company’s Fidelity Guarantee. This policy covers financial losses suffered due to embezzlement, forgery, larceny, and fraudulent ways of gaining money by your employees or by people intended by them.

Extent of Cover

This policy covers specific sum insured or can be set to certain limits, including –

  • Named individuals
  • By designation (or job type)
  • On a ‘blanket’ basis (i.e. covering ALL employees)

Main Exclusion

This policy will NOT cover:

  • Loss of trade secrets
  • Consequential loss or loss of interest of any kind
  • Any change in the nature of the business unless agreed in writing by the insurer
  • Any loss committed by a partner of the policyholder
  • Losses where the defaulting employee cannot be identified by name
  • Unexplained shortages which cannot be attributed to a specific employee
  • Losses due to trading in securities, options, foreign exchanges etc.
  • Losses not discovered within 12 months of expiry of the policy


Sign up to protect your business and cover risks for your employees with ease. Workmen’s compensation policy, relieves you of the legal liability for accidental bodily injury or disease to any employee arising from your business activity, we will take that responsibility of providing compensation in event of such incidents. The Workmen’s Compensation policy cover is provided as per the provisions of the UAE Federal Labour Law No-8 of 1980 (Chapter VIII) and subsequent amendments thereto &/or Shariah Law.

  • At present, employers have a strict liability to compensate workers for industrial diseases and accidents.
  • Currently, the minimum level of compensation payable is AED 18,000 and maximum of AED 35,000 with leave to claim additional compensation where negligence is alleged.
  • The cover is valid within the United Arab Emirates and business visits worldwide.
  • In addition to UAE legal cover, we even consider requests for additional ‘Employers Liability’ cover which is over and above the legal requirement.


Issues as an extension to Workman’s compensation and as a stand-alone policy, Employers Liability Insurance indemnifies employers from paying compensation which is legally required under the Common Law for personnel injury or death caused during the course of employment.

The policy also covers expenses incurred while defending wrongful claims and compensation, but with prior consent of the company. The usual limit of the liability is AED 1,000,000 for any one occurrence, but is limited to AED 200,000 per person per accident, including all costs incurred during the period of insurance.

The indemnity provided as compensation for damages and costs of litigation shall be as per UAE law and under the jurisdiction of United Arab Emirates.


Protect the cogs of your business, your employees, from unfortunate events. This insurance policy covers bodily injury, death, medical ailments and can be extended to injuries caused by acts of terrorism.

Extent of Cover

  • Death
  • Total and permanent loss of or loss of use of one or more limb(s)
  • Total and irrecoverable loss of sight in one or both eyes or permanent total loss of hearing in one or both ears or permanent loss of speech
  • Permanent total disablement occurring within 24 months of the occurrence of the accidental bodily injury
  • Temporary total disablement

Main Exclusion

  • Sickness (physical or mental), disease or any naturally occurring condition or degenerative ailments
  • Bodily injury directly or indirectly caused by pregnancy or childbirth
  • Taking part in naval, military or air force service or operations
  • Incidents under the influence of intoxicating liquor or drugs
  • Intentional self-injury, attempted suicide or accidents occurred while carrying out any criminal act
  • Travelling other than by regular airlines, vessels or approved multi-engine charter flight

Available Extension

  • Accidental bodily injury caused by acts of terrorism


Accidents could occur due to slip-ups and any other reason in spite of the preventive measures you have put in place at your office, workshop, factory, showroom, godown etc. resulting in bodily injury or damage to property. As a business owner, being properly insured is critical to protecting your company exposures.

Union Insurance Company’s Public Liability policy covers your legal liability towards third party injury and/or property damage. As a policy holder, you will not have to pay any damages or claimant’s costs and expenses arising from accidental bodily injury and /or property damages.

Extent of Cover

Public Liability Policies are usually issued on ‘Occurrence Basis’, which means any claim or incident that occurs and gets reported within the insurance policy period.

Limits for Insurance cover can be customized according to your requirements & exposure.



To err is human, but you don’t always have to pay huge price for it. Professionals operating their own business/practice are better off with Professional Indemnity Insurance, apart from business insurance. The professional Indemnity Insurance offers coverage against claims resulting from financial loss due to errors committed during the performance of business activities. Policyholders are identified from paying the legal liability in the event of breach of duty of professional service, arising due to the reason of negligence, error or omission committed of alleged to have committed during the policy period.

At UIC, we offer Professional Indemnity Insurance cover for diverse professions including the following:

  • Architect, Engineers & Consultants (Annual and Single project policies)
  • Lawyers
  • Accountants
  • Insurance Brokers
  • Financial Institutions & Stock Brokers
  • IT & ITES Companies
  • Designing & Construction Contractors


No matter how good you are or committed to helping people with health problems every day, it is possible for you to make mistakes. If an error, real or perceived, results in a lawsuit, it can have severe effects on your ability to practice medicine. Protect yourself is by getting an adequate medical malpractice insurance policy in place. At UIC, we offer Medical Malpractice insurance for individual professionals as well as hospitals / clinics in their corporate capacities.

7 Easy

Our dedicated insurance claims department is always eager and available to help you when you need. We also offer Claims Concierge services to ensure a smooth and quick claims process.

Claim Intimation to RM or Customer Service.

Email to customer with claim Reference Number and next steps.


Appointment of Surveyor


CollSubmission of documents as requested by surveyor.


Repair approval based on STEP 3&4


Customer to submit final invoice and proof of payments.


Discharge Voucher issued followed by credit note.







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With offices across the UAE, Union Insurance is close at hand to serve clients. Whether signing up for a new policy or making a claim, you can reach us at any of the offices below. Also, be sure to check this page regularly, as we continue to open new offices.

Toll free number : 800 UIC4U(84248)
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Abu Dhabi (Motor Claims)

Al Corniche tower Building, Abu Dhabi Corniche,
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Ajman (Motor Claims)

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P.O Box 1225 Ajman, United Arab Emirates
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P.O Box 119227 Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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Ras Al Khaimah (Motor Claims)

Al Nakheel- Al Naeem Building,
Office # 101 & 102
Etisalat Street
P.O BOX 12921 Ras Al Khaimah,
United Arab Emirates
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P.O Box 97733 Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
Tel: +971 (06) 5939 888
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DHA Complaints

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DHA Complaints

©Copyright 2016-2017 union insurance CO.All Rights Reserved