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Our goal is to provide the tools you need to thrive, not just survive. Our emphasis on service and support gives customers the clarity they need to be completely confident about the decisions they make.

Exceptional customer service

From guiding you towards the right policy to helping you customise it according to your specific needs while providing support at all times, we are with you every step of the way.

Experienced technical team

Our highly efficient in-house team utilises their vast experience and strong structuring abilities to develop reliable, innovative and enhanced products and provide insurance services such as gap analysis and risk assessment.

Digital capabilities

The products we offer are supplemented by digital channels that play a crucial role in developing smoother methods for submitting and tracking claims, issuing policies, and more.

Seamless experiences

Our online presence, hassle-free claims, well-developed network and trusted partners work in tandem to make managing your various risks as smooth as possible.

Our Medical Providers

Your health is integral to your quality of life. Our flexible insurance plans are supplemented by a vast medical network to bring you and your family affordable, high-quality healthcare.

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Personal products & coverage

Our personal insurance covers all the bases you could possibly need: life, medical, travel, motor, and more. In addition, you will have expert guidance to help you determine the kind of plan that will work best for you.
Motor insurance dubai Motor Insurance

Straighten every twist and turn

Our comprehensive motor insurance packages are designed to make the road ahead as smooth as possible.
Health Insurance

All will be well, including you

Our team is dedicated to finding the best health insurance solutions for you and your family.
Travel Insurance Dubai Travel Insurance

Leave your comfort zone comfortably

From Budapest to Bora Bora, our travel insurance plans guarantee a carefree travel experience wherever you go.
Life Insurance Dubai Life Insurance

The best future is a carefree one

Our life insurance policies are designed to create a wide safety net for you and your loved ones, through all contingencies.
Home Insurance Dubai Home Insurance

Since there’s no place like home

Our home insurance plans are tailored to provide coverage for both your home and your belongings.

Corporate Products & Coverage

The most unique aspect of the insurance we provide for businesses, is customisation and flexibility. Our plans are tailored according to the size and requirements of the company in question, allowing us to create meaningful safeguards for business owners and their employees to thrive.
Group Life Insurance Dubai Group life insurance

Protect your greatest asset

Your employees will flourish in a safe and secure environment created by our group life insurance plans, tailored to mitigate financial pitfalls.
Group health insurance

The health all growth needs

Our group health insurance is designed to look out for your employees, leaving you free to look after your business.
Property Insurance Dubai Property Insurance

More than brick and mortar

From buildings and machinery to office equipment that includes stock in trade, we provide the best solutions for insuring your property.
Engineering Insurance Dubai Engineering Insurance

Investing in innovation

Engineering pushes the boundaries of the tried and tested. Our insurance coverage for it is equally innovative. Click here for more information.
Liabilities Insurance Dubai Liability Insurance

Work fiercely, fearlessly

We have a number of products in place that act as precautions for both you and your employees. Click here to find out what they are.
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