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Life Insurance

We all have people we care about, and it’s human nature that we want to protect them even when we’re not around.


The Union Insurance Life Insurance policy is perfectly tailored to support your loved ones to meet their financial commitments, whether they include mortgage repayments, school fees, unpaid debt, or other expenses. Our comprehensive coverage is designed to provide your family with firm support through every contingency.



Flexi Life

Flexi Life is a unique product that assists your financial aspirations, while adapting to your changing lifestyle. It also offers a special platform that enables you to build your own portfolio from a range of investment options designed to ensure an organised and disciplined approach to wealth creation through preserving investments, providing income support, and enabling capital growth. It essentially offers a two-pronged benefit: financial security during times of trouble, and financial enablement for a brighter future.

  • Benefit Highlights

Key Benefits

The opportunity to maximise your investment

through the allocation of the premium you pay, to the funds of your choice; supplemented by competitive allocation charges.

The flexibility to tailor your benefits

according to your circumstances. This includes changing benefit amounts, adding and removing optional benefits, varying premium payments according to your convenience, and the freedom to access your investment for short-term needs during the policy term.

Versatile premium payment options,

including monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual payments, additional single premiums at any time, regular premiums for life, or defined payment terms (starting from a minimum of 10 years).

Unique cost-effective, built-in benefits

such as home shield and family travel covers, free annual medical checkups, and a competitive bonus structure between years 6 and 13 of the policy term.

Our Team

We have a dedicated and well-organized team set-up, comprising specialized teams for specific solutions, as well as customer support to provide you with assistance whenever you require it.

An experienced operations team to implement processes and programs that ensure helpful solutions, tailored to our clients’ specific needs.

A strong technical and analytical underwriting (UW) team with rich experience in risk assessment and analysis, to help both individuals and employees purchase health insurance products.

A dedicated client services team that fulfills our client-centric approach through its dedication to providing support to clients, incorporating their feedback.

A highly experienced claims team that develops and executes a highly efficient claims process without delay.


  • Can I take a premium holiday?addremove

    Yes. Premium holidays can be requested for a maximum period of 12 months, after the completion of the ICP, subject to terms and conditions. 

  • What is the geographical coverage of this plan?addremove

    We offer worldwide coverage subject to terms and conditions, with three exceptions. Coverage for Home Shield, Hospital Cash Benefit, and Involuntary Loss of Employment is restricted to the UAE. 

  • How can I update my contact details?addremove

    You can contact our call center at 800 UIC4U (84248) or send an email to Please mention the policy number in the subject line, and send the email from the id you registered with us during the application process. 

  • I’ve lost my policy documents. What should I do?addremove

    Do contact us immediately at the number or email address mentioned above, following the same instructions provided.

  • Can I cancel the policy if I want to? addremove

    Yes. If you find the plan does not suit you, you may request a cancellation through the Free Look Cancellation Form which is provided with your policy. It should be signed by policyholders and received by us within 21 days from the policy commencement date. Please send your request directly to the Life Underwriting Team, Union Insurance Company P.S.C,  Single Business Tower, Sheikh Zayed Road, Business Bay, Dubai, PO Box 119227, UAE. We reserve the right to deduct expenses incurred on medical examinations, if any, connected with the policy. 

  • What methods of payment do you accept?addremove

    We accept premium payments in the following four formats:

      1. Bank transfers
      2. Direct debits
      3. Post-dated cheques
      4. Credit cards
  • What currencies can I use to pay my premiums?addremove

    AED or USD, applicable to regular premium payment options only. 

  • What happens if I miss a premium payment?addremove

    We offer a 90 day grace period that gives you relief from payments during uncertain phases in your life, after which your policy status will change, subject to terms and conditions. 

  • Can I increase or decrease my premiums, and add or remove optional payments, whenever I want?addremove

    Since our plan has been designed keeping in mind people’s changing situations over time, you have the freedom to increase your payment at any time, however, you can decrease your payments only after the completion of the ICP.

  • Can I alter my choice of funds?addremove

    Of course, at no additional cost. We believe it is pivotal for you to be able to alter your investment strategy according to changing economic climates, we offer you the option to switch the selected funds at any time free of charge. 

  • Can I encash my investment during the policy term?addremove

    You can withdraw up to maximum amount of 85% of the cash value, subject to terms and conditions.

  • Can I invest my surplus income in this plan?addremove

    Yes, anytime, as an additional top-up premium.

  • Is there a guaranteed bonus for this plan?addremove

    Yes, for the regular contribution of premiums, a percentage of regularly contributed premiums will be allocated to the fund value as a guaranteed bonus. Please read policy terms and conditions for further details.

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