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How do you protect the one place that makes you feel secure?

The purpose of Union Insurance is to keep you protected during those unpredictable moments life inevitably throws at us. Our comprehensive solutions can be tailored according to your lifestyle, allowing you to choose a plan that suits you best from an array of flexible options. With premiums as low as AED 1/- per day, we offer low cost, but extensive coverage. 


Our home insurance coverage can be broadly classified into two types: coverage for contents and belongings, and coverage for buildings.

Home Insurance Dubai

Coverage for buildings

Part of the home insurance coverage, these plans are designed to provide you with security with regard to your building structures, including permanent fixtures and sittings, due to accidental damage caused by lightning, earthquakes, burglaries, and more. 

Key Benefits

Insurance against unexpected calamities

Cover your property against major risks such as fires, floods, earthquakes, storms, and more.

Insurance for residential structures

Secures your home, whether it is an apartment, villa or a building, from damage caused by fire and natural perils.

Insurance for rental coverage

A loss of rent of AED 10,000 or 3 months rent, whichever is less, due to an unexpected event.

Our Team

A company is only as strong as its people. Our team consists of specialist underwriters who bring a wealth of expertise and specialized knowledge. They are supported by a highly efficient operations team, equipped with modern technology.

Our team is dedicated to providing tailor-made insurance and risk management services that cater to both individuals and corporates. Our priority is to deliver creative and cost-effective risk management and transfer solutions, as well as innovative products to meet the needs of individuals, corporate clients, and other stakeholders.

We have dedicated client service and claims management teams to be at your service 24/7, and ensure a smooth and transparent claims process whenever you require it.

Claim Processes

Our dedicated insurance claims department is an integral part of our company, and available to you whenever you require assistance. We also offer claims concierge services for a smooth and quick claims process, which involves four easy steps:


  • Will legal liabilities to third parties be covered?addremove

    Yes. A home insurance policy protects you from legal liability / third party liability which may occur - for example, if a third person suffers injury on your property.

  • Will the contents/appliances within my home be covered?addremove

    Yes. The UIC policy covers appliances like refrigerators, television sets, computers, air conditioners, microwaves, and more; furniture, furnishings, and, in some cases, jewelry.

  • What risks are covered when a fire breaks out?addremove

    In the event of a fire, your premises may be inhabitable for a period of time. This policy covers the cost of arranging alternative accommodation while your house is being repaired. 

  • Why do I need home insurance?addremove

    The primary benefit of a home insurance policy is that it provides financial protection from losses or damages to your house. For example, a tree falling on your roof or accidental destruction to your boundary wall may cause damages that will be expensive to fix. However, a home insurance policy will cover those expenses. 

    In addition, if you’re applying for a loan to purchase or construct a house, your lending institution will require proof that the property in question has been adequately insured. 

    Finally, there is the invaluable benefit of finding peace of mind, knowing that you are safeguarded from the financial losses that arise from damage and destruction to your property

  • Apart from damage to property, what are the other benefits of home insurance? addremove

    A home insurance policy will also cover you in the event of losses or damages caused by robbery and theft. 

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