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How do you keep going no matter where you go?

The stronger your safety net, the higher you’ll fly. Union Insurance travel insurance offers that safety net through comprehensive coverage, carefully designed for you and your family. Whether you’re on a two-day getaway, a month-long holiday, a single trip, a business trip, or an annual trip, you will receive all the protection you require, no matter where in the world you are.

The insurance covers both inbound and outbound travel from and to UAE to anywhere in the world including the US and Canada

Travel Insurance Dubai

Coverage for Travel Insurance

Union insurance makes travel worry-free with policies that cover both mundane inconveniences and unpredictable emergencies available in three different categories: Platinum, Gold, and Silver

For the complete list of benefits, please see the table of benefits.

One Plan. Multiple Benefits.
  • Insurance for the loss of passports and money

    Being stranded in a foreign country with no documents or money is every traveler’s worst nightmare. But our coverage extends to USD 750 for the replacement of passports, associated accommodation expenses, and loss of personal money.

  • Insurance for cancellation or curtailment

    We understand that traveling is often unpredictable. Rest assured that if you need to cancel or shorten your journey, you’ll receive a cover of up to USD 7,500 for non-refundable expenses under Platinum.

  • Insurance for personal accidents

    For any injuries from a personal accident, we provide benefits of up to USD 150,000 under Platinum.

  • Insurance for baggage loss and delay

    In case your baggage is lost or damaged, you will receive a cover of up to USD 1,000 under Platinum and Gold.

  • Insurance for emergency medical assistance

    In the event of an unforeseen crisis, you can be assured of emergency medical services, transportation and accommodation expenses, repatriation to the UAE, and emergency travel for a relative in case of stays due to illness and dental expenses. The maximum benefit for the above expenses is as much as USD 1,000,000 under Platinum.

Our Team

A company is only as strong as its people. Our team consists of specialist underwriters who bring a wealth of expertise and specialized knowledge. They are supported by a highly efficient operations team, equipped with modern technology.

Our team is dedicated to providing tailor-made insurance and risk management services that cater to both individuals and corporates. Our priority is to deliver creative and cost-effective risk management and transfer solutions, as well as innovative products to meet the needs of individuals, corporate clients, and other stakeholders.

We have dedicated client service and claims management teams to be at your service 24/7, and ensure a smooth and transparent claims process whenever you require it.

Claim Processes

Our dedicated insurance claims department is an integral part of our company, and available to you whenever you require assistance. We also offer claims concierge services for a smooth and quick claims process, which involves four easy steps:


  • How do I declare a claim? addremove

    For emergency medical assistance, please contact Mapfre Assistance on the following numbers:

    o International: 00 962 6 56666833

    o USA: 00 15672692968

    o Ireland: 00 (353) 91 56 06 21

    o Germany: 00 (49) 1805115610

    For all other claims, contact the UIC Call Center at 80084248

    Please note that you’ll be required to state your policy number and the nature of your claim. You will also need to provide written proofs of relevant documents, including police reports and airline invoices, at the time of claim submission.

  • Who is eligible for coverage?addremove

    All UAE residents under the age of 75.

  • What is the length of coverage for each trip?addremove

    There are no restrictions in terms of days for Single Trip plans. For Annual Multi-Trip Plans, we provide a coverage of 60 days for each trip.

  • Are there any discounts available under this plan?addremove

    We are happy to provide discounts for children under the age of 16, and groups with more than 10 members.

phone 800 UIC4U (84248)