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Life Insurance

We all have people we care about, and it’s human nature that we want to protect them even when we’re not around.


The Union Insurance Life Insurance policy is perfectly tailored to support your loved ones to meet their financial commitments, whether they include mortgage repayments, school fees, unpaid debt, or other expenses. Our comprehensive coverage is designed to provide your family with firm support through every contingency.



Life Insurance Dubai

Smart Term Life

A straightforward, hassle-free Life Insurance Plan, the Smart Term Life ensures that the Sum Insured is paid out to the nominee(s), in accordance with the policy terms and conditions, in the event of an illness or bodily injury that results in the death of the Insured. As an insured, you will find peace of mind in this comprehensive cover designed to take care of your dependents in your absence.

Key Benefits

24X7 worldwide coverage

of up to AED 1 million for death due to any cause.

A 10 year policy period

with the added comfort of a fixed premium and a hassle-free annual payment mode.

An easy enrollment process

that doesn’t require medical tests or examinations

Our Team

We have a dedicated and well-organized team set-up, comprising specialized teams for specific solutions, as well as customer support to provide you with assistance whenever you require it.

An experienced operations team to implement processes and programs that ensure helpful solutions, tailored to our clients’ specific needs.

A strong technical and analytical underwriting (UW) team with rich experience in risk assessment and analysis, to help both individuals and employees purchase health insurance products.

A dedicated client services team that fulfills our client-centric approach through its dedication to providing support to clients, incorporating their feedback.

A highly experienced claims team that develops and executes a highly efficient claims process without delay.


  • What is the claim notification period?addremove

    Within 90 days of the date of death of the life assured.

  • What is the time frame for submitting the claim documentation?addremove

    In the event of a death, documents should be submitted within 180 days unless an extension has been provided by the company. 

  • What are the documents needed to make a claim?addremove
    • Certificate of insurance
    • Death certificate
    • Legal heir certificate, if required
    • Post mortem report, if legally required 
    • Police report, if death was due to an accident
    • Medical report from an authorized medical practitioner, with a detailed diagnosis and clear cause of death if the actual cause is not clearly stated in the death certificate 
    • -A copy of your passport with the valid visa page (in the case of expatriates) or national identity card (in case of nationals)
    • Any other documents that may be required to substantiate the claim

    Please note that we may need the original documents for verification. 

  • How will the claim be settled?addremove

    Indemnity, if any, will be paid to the beneficiary’s legal nominee provided the nominee survives the beneficiary by 30 days, otherwise the sum will be paid to the estate of the beneficiary. 

  • Who should be contacted in the event of a claim? addremove

    The nominee or the beneficiary’s legal representative should notify us at UAE 800 9248 

  • Who is eligible for this plan?addremove

    Individuals between the ages of 18 and 55, holding a valid United Arab Emirates residence visa.

  • What information do I need to provide to obtain a quotation?addremove

    Your name, date of birth, the sum insured, correspondence address and beneficiary details, if you are not the beneficiary 

  • What are the features of this policy?addremove
    • 24x7 worldwide coverage
    • A cover of up to AED 1 million 
    • Hassle-free enrolment – no medical test or examination is required
    • A policy period of 10 years with a fixed premium 
    • A generous free look period of 30 days to cancel the policy if needed
    • Optional payment modes: annual or single 
  • What are the benefits covered under this policy?addremove

    1. Death due to accident: 100% of Sum Insured

    2. Death due to sickness:

    • Up to 12 months from Effective Date: 20% of Sum Insured, subject to a maximum of AED 200,000.

    • 12+ to 18 months from Effective Date: 60% of Sum Insured, subject to a maximum of AED 600,000.

    • 18+ months from Effective Date: 100% of Sum Insured


    Note: Death due to pre-existing medical conditions within 6 months of inception and due to Terminal Illness, Kidney Failure, and Cancer within 12 months of Inception is not covered.

  • Is it possible to change the beneficiary during the policy period?addremove

    Yes, you are required to notify Union Insurance in writing. Do note that the consent of the beneficiary is not required.

  • Can I cancel this policy?addremove

    Yes. If you find the plan does not suit you, you may request a cancellation through the Free Look Cancellation Form which is provided with your policy. It should be signed by policyholders and received by us within the free-look period, i.e. 30 days from the policy commencement date. Please note that while you will receive a full refund, Union Insurance reserves the right to decline a second application should you change your mind. 

  • What will be the commencement date of my policy?addremove

    The date on which Union Insurance receives your signed application form with the receipt for the first premium payment. You will, of course, receive an acknowledgment. 

  • Can the policy be terminated against my wishes?addremove

    Yes, but only in the following situations:


    • If you are no longer eligible to be insured
    • If the required premium has not been paid within the stated grace period
    • If your benefit, extending to the principal sum, has been paid to you
    • After you cross the age of 65
    • If you no longer hold a valid UAE residency visa 


  • What if I have a similar policy with another insurance provider?addremove

    This policy is independent of any Insurance policies that you have taken from other insurance providers.

  • What are the policy exclusions?addremove


    • Death due to active participation in any war or war-related activities
    • Death due to aviation, aerial sports, or any other form of aerial flight
    • Death due to breach of criminal law by the beneficiary, or an assault provoked by the beneficiary 
    • Death due to suicide while sane or death due to insanity, temporary or otherwise, within the first 12 months of the commencement of the policy 
    • Death due to deliberate self-inflicted injury and/or self-medication
    • Death resulting from spread or use of nuclear material
    • Death due to HIV/AIDS unless caused by blood transfusion 
    • Death due to kidney failure, cancer, or any terminal illness that commences during the first 12 months of the policy term. 
    • Death due to pre-existing medical conditions during the first 6 months of the policy term 
  • Can I cancel this policy outside freelook and will I get refund of Premium?addremove

    You can cancel the policy anytime, but you will not get a refund. 

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