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Group Life Insurance

The employees of any company are its most valuable assets. That’s why companies that invest in their employees tend to yield bigger and better returns. The Union Insurance Group Life insurance plans are designed to provide the financial security of your employees and their families against all odds, including disabilities and sudden loss of life. The plans extend to all formal employer-employee groups, including microfinance institutions, non-banking financial institutions, banks, NGOs, or other professional groups, at a nominal cost.

Group life insurance policy
Extent of cover

Benefits for Employers

  • Life insurance coverage to your employees at a nominal cost
  • Strong retention tool and loyalty building measure
  • Simplified administration process

Benefits for Employees

  • Ease of enrolment (members do not need to undergo any medical examination up to the free cover limit)*
  • Financial security against uncertainties
*Free cover limit is the maximum amount of Life Cover that can be offered without any medical tests. This limit varies from group to group
Product Construct

  • One year renewal term insurance plan
  • Sum assured payable on death due to any cause under base cover
  • Add-on riders for protection from uncertainties other than death

In addition to the benefit payable following death from any cause as listed in the policy, we also provide the following addon benefits/riders

Base Cover

Death Due to Any Cause

Rider 1

Accidental Death Benefit

Rider 2

Permanent Total Disability

Rider 3

Permanent Partial Disability

Rider 4

Temporary Total Disability

Rider 5

Accidental Medical Expenses

Rider 6

Repatriation Expenses

Rider 7

Temporary Total Disablement Benefits

Rider 8

Critical Illness

Key Benefits

Death Due to Any Cause

This covers the death of the life assured from illness or injury due to any causes that are not specifically excluded by the policy.

Accidental Death

This benefit provides an additional amount, equivalent to the basic sum assured, from death due to any injury that is not specifically excluded by the policy.

Permanent Partial Disability

This benefit pays the insured a respective percentage of the sum assured, in accordance with the continental scale of disabilities.

Permanent Total Disability

If a bodily injury or illness results in the permanent and total disability of the insured, this benefit ensures the sum assured will be paid to the insured employee.

Accidental Medical Expenses

This provides for the reimbursement of expenses for treatment needed, due to accidents that caused an injury.

Repatriation Expenses

In the event of an admissible death claim under the policy, this benefit reimburses the expenses needed to transport the mortal remains to the deceased’s home country.

Temporary Total Disablement Benefits

are available to employees whose injuries/illness leave them totally unable to work for a period of time.

Critical Illness

This is applicable in the event of the insured being diagnosed with one or more of the critical iIllnesses covered below.

General Scheme Features

1 year


24 Hours



Geographical Limits

Competent Courts of UAE


Salaried Employees of an organisation

Policy Eligibility

18 to 65 years

for all the benefits

Up to 70 years

for death from any cause

Age Limit

Our Team

A highly efficient operations team, who have the requisite experience and skill to implement processes and programs that guarantee helpful solutions for clients.

A strong technical and analytical underwriting (UW) team with rich experience in risk assessment and analysis, to provide both individuals and employees with the best possible insurance products for their requirements.

A dedicated client services team, with years of experience, and 24/7 support for every client regardless of what matter arises, or when it arises.

An experienced claims team, comprising highly respected industry professionals, to ensure a smooth and transparent claims process at the earliest.

Claims Process

At Union Insurance, we have in place a simple 4-step claim settlement process, to save our policyholder's time and effort.


  • Who can be a policyholder under this scheme?addremove

    A policyholder can be a company, bank, NGO, or any organization, society, association, union, club, etc. that obtains a life insurance cover for the employees/members of that corporate entity.

  • When should a claim be intimated? addremove

    In the event of a covered incidence occurring, the claim must be intimated to UIC within 30 days of the occurrence.

  • What documents are required for claim approval?addremove

    Once a claim has been intimated, UIC will furnish policyholders with the relevant forms for filing proof of loss based on the nature of the cause. The forms must be completed and returned within 90 days after the occurrence of the loss for which the claim has been made.  

  • What is a free cover limit?addremove

    Also known as a no evidence limit, a free cover limit is the amount of coverage that each individual policy member can have, without the requirement of medical evidence or underwriting. It doesn’t require evidence of insurability from participating employees. It also saves both time and cost.

  • Does the policy provide cover to employees / members above 65 and 70 years of age? addremove

    Yes, provided UIC receives satisfactory evidence of their insurability - this may be through a health questionnaire or comprehensive medical examinations, the results of which need to be given by the policyholder to UIC for approval. The accidental death cover is available to members above 70 years.

  • What is group life insurance? addremove

    Group life insurance, more commonly known as employee life insurance or employee benefits insurance, is designed to cater to the needs of employers by providing protection to their employees in the event of death or disability, on a 24-hour basis anywhere in the world. A single policy covers every employee of the organization.

    The UIC policy is flexible and can be tailored according to an employer’s changing needs. It enables employers to provide maximum protection to their employees at the lowest possible price, which is non-taxable and costs a lot less than an individual policy. It protects families, boosts morale, and increases staff loyalty because it gives them a sense of security.

    The policy provides a lump sum payment to the beneficiaries nominated by employees if they are to pass away while covered under the scheme.

  • What are the group life insurance riders?addremove

    The riders, which are optional benefits that can be covered in addition to the death benefit are:

    • Accidental Death
    • Permanent Total Disability due to accident
    • Permanent Total Disability due to sickness
    • Permanent Partial Disability due to accident
    • Permanent Partial Disability due to sickness
    • Temporary Total Disability due to accident
    • Temporary Total Disability due to sickness
    • Critical Illness
    • Terminal Illness
    • Accidental Medical Expenses
    • Repatriation expenses to home countries
  • Who is eligible to benefit from group life insurance?addremove

    Any employee/member of an organization or company, who is actively and regularly working for remuneration is eligible but needs to be nominated by their employer. The actively-at-work clause shall apply to all eligible members/employees prior to the inception of the policy. The age limit for all the benefits is 18 to 65 years, with the exception of the death benefit which extends to 70 years.

  • What is an endorsement?addremove

    An endorsement refers to the incorporation of changes/amendments/revisions/alterations in the benefits, rates, age limits, premium due dates, policy expiry dates, and the terms and conditions of the policy.

  • How are scheme members managed in the group plan?addremove

    Additions and deletions are allowed during the policy term, depending on the people joining and leaving the organization. The frequency is usually on a quarterly basis, or as agreed upon with the policyholder. However, a detailed list of all members should be declared to the company in order to update the scheme record. Premiums related to these amendments will be communicated to the policyholder.

  • How can I get in touch with UIC?addremove

    We have offices across the UAE, ensuring that we’re always close at hand to serve you. Whether you want to sign up for a new policy or make a claim, you can reach us at any of the offices below. Be sure to check this page regularly to receive updates on the new offices that we open.

    Toll-free number: 800 UIC4U(84248)



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  • What is a policy document or policy contract?addremove

    It is a legal document that represents the agreement between an insurance company and its policyholder. Central to any policy document, is the insuring agreement which specifies the risks covered, the limits of the policy, and the terms of the policy. It also includes a section that explains how to make a claim under the policy.

  • Is there a minimum number of employees/members who can be covered by this policy?addremove

    Yes, 11 is the minimum number of employees/members a company must have for obtaining insurance.

  • What is the notice period for policy cancellation? addremove

    30 days.

  • What is the basis of the sum insured for this policy?addremove

    The employer may choose the sum based on a multiple of salaries (e.g. 12 to 60 months), or a fixed amount for all employees, or based on levels of seniority.

  • How is the premium calculated?addremove

    The premiums are annual and payable at the inception of the cover.

    The annual premium is calculated as follows:

    Annual Premium = (Total Rate x Total Sum Assured) / 1000

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