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The Union Insurance health insurance plan is accompanied by a special value-added service known as BALSAM. It comprises several carefully designed programs that provide relief to certain areas that aren’t covered under traditional health insurance policies. You can visit the Balsam section on our website to know more.

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Balsam special value added service
A special set of programmes that go beyond the scope of usual insurance.
Balsam Medication
Provides refill prescriptions for chronic illnesses to remove the hassle of multiple trips to the doctor’s office, and delivers your refills straight to your doorstep.
Balsam Awareness
Special educational sessions to advise people how to stay healthy.
Balsam Beauty
Exclusive discounts on essential beauty needs.
Balsam Check-up
Life-saving medical tests for the early detection of health issues, at a staggeringly low price.
Balsam Dental
Special offers on routine and cosmetic dental care at clinics across the UAE.
Balsam Nutrition
Healthy meals at discounted prices through our reputable partners.
Balsam Vision
A wide range of discounts on eyewear, eye treatment, and more.
Balsam Wellness
Wellness treatments beyond policy coverage at affordable prices
Your insurance policy is the key to these exclusive offers.
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