We definitely have your back in case of unforeseen events. But we also believe that it is our duty to provide you with all the relief and comfort, time and again. Staying true to the essence of the Arabic word, ‘BALSAM’ which stands for relief, cure, and medicine, we have carefully designed programs to aid you with just the same. Our insured members can make use of these exclusive programs to avail benefits that are truly unique to Union Insurance Company. We have developed 7 unique Balsam Programs to assist and provide relief to some of the issues that generally aren’t covered under insurance policies.

Our programs include:

Awareness, Medication, Check-up, Dental, Optical, Vision & Beauty

Your insurance policy is the key to these exclusive offers. All what you need is to send an email to and we will guide you on how to avail these services.


Prescription refills can be a cumbersome and painful process when you have chronic health condition. We would never want to see you go through the trouble of visiting your doctor multiple times only to get your medication refilled. As a free benefit to our member with chronic health conditions, we would assist you to get the medicines refilled without a trip to the clinic. We also provide doorstep delivery service to office or home for free of cost.

Program is offering an Easy & Comfortable way for Refilling the Long Term Medication without un necessary doctor visit and having it delivered with no extra cost to your door step / work place regardless where you are based.

BALSAM Checkup

Early detection and timely prevention can do wonders to cure – our Balsam Check-up program is designed keeping this idea in mind. We have meticulously designed essential health check-ups for insured members to identify and set a recovery path before things get worse or unbearable. Conveniently located facilities with incredible discounts on rates allow you to act quickly, and not react to symptoms.

Program has been arranged for the clients and their independents in AED 150 only, this package will include all the essential tests at a respected Providers, for further clarification / Booking, please send your details ( Full name, Card number and company name along with the Mobile number ) on to arrange for an appointment.

With Balsam Check-up you only pay AED150 for more than 10 life-saving tests!

  • CBC including Haemoglobin, RBC, WBC & platelets
  • Kidney Function Tests
  • Blood Sugar Fating
  • Blood Sugar PP
  • Total Cholesterol
  • HDL
  • LDL
  • Triglycerides
  • Blood grouping and RH typing
  • Resting ECG
  • Free consultation with a Physician to discuss the tests report

In addition to a Physician consultation to discuss tests report.


BALSAM Awareness

At Union Insurance, we are devoted to provide you with all the services needed to make sure you stay healthy and fit. Balsam Awareness program is designed just to do that. Our program includes customized educational sessions based on your employees needs along with a screening session. The session will be conducted at your premise by specialized medical team who will help you with basic screening tests such as – measuring your Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar and BMI of your employees. You can avail this facility at no additional cost.

BALSAM Optical

80% of our learning and productivity is supported by vision. Good eye care is not only essential but very important to live a healthy life. Passionate about providing the best service, we have developed a unique program where you can take care of your eyes at substantially reduced cost. To provide our insured members top care at low costs, we have tied up with Al Jaber optical, where you are entitled for the following:

  • Free Eye Tests
  • 35% discount on:
    • LUXOTTICA frames
    • SFEROFLEX frames
    • RALPH frames
    • CLICTEC frames
    • ZAINIA frames
    • LUCA frames
    • ANGELO frames
    • MANIA frames
  • 25% discount on frames and Sun-glasses (excluding Cartier, C.Dior and Chanel)
  • 25% discount on prescription lens
  • 25% discount on Contact lens care solutions
  • 25% discount on Contact Lenses



Looking good and feeling great was never this easy! Union Insurance has recently tied-up with Clinica Joelle, the hub of #MagicalTransformations to offer you EXCLUSIVE discounts as part of the unique Balsam Beauty Program:

  • 50% off Laser Hair Removal and on Body Slimming & Contouring
  • 30% off on Facials and Dentistry
  • 15% off on Plastic Surgeries
  • 10% off on Non-Surgical Procedures 

T&C Apply

To find out more and discover other locations of Clinica Joelle, please visit CLINICAJOELLE.COM 



Get up to 40% Discounts on Dental Treatments

Balsam Dental Offers a significant discount on Routine and Cosmetic Treatments at 9 Clinics across The UAE.

All dental treatments ( Routine and Cosmetic ) could be availed on a highly discounted rate through Balsam – Dental, service could be availed all over the emirates, Please write to us on with your full details.


Eye care is a very important part of a healthy life. We understand your needs and have developed a program to help with all things related to vision, from replacing lost frames to corrective surgeries. With UIC insurance card you can avail 35% discount on the following:

  • Consultations
  • Corrective Surgeries
  • Outpatient Department Procedures.





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DHA Complaints

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