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Union Insurance is licensed by the UAE Insurance Authority and listed on the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange, and has its corporate office in Dubai. It was established in 1998 with paid-up capital of over AED 330 million. The company provides a comprehensive range of retail and commercial insurance products to clients in the UAE and the Middle East region. Led by some of the most experienced and respected professionals in the industry, Union Insurance offers innovative, superior-value insurance coverage.

This includes both standard and customized policies that help individuals, small, medium and large enterprises as well as government entities obtain reliable, cost-effective insurance cover. Additionally, the company offers insurance services such as risk assessment and gap analysis of insurance coverage conducted by professionals with decades of experience.

By providing better coverage in areas including, but not limited to, life, health, automotive, property, engineering, liability and marine, Union Insurance frees its clients to focus on their core operations, confident that they have robust insurance policies in place to help manage their various risks.


Well aware of the ever-changing market and risk environment, the firm employs a team of professionals who have completed their Associateship of the Chartered Insurance Institute (ACII). They bring experience, knowledge and strong structuring capabilities to the development of new and enhanced insurance products. Because this team is in-house, Union Insurance can confidently provide clients with accurate quotes every time.

Moreover, Union Insurance enjoys strong support from leading global and local reinsurance companies, including Swiss Re, SCOR, Hannover Re, Lloyds, Generali, and QBE Europe.


Distinguished by its focus on people, Union Insurance nurtures a corporate culture that emphasises teamwork and a cooperative environment that values the contribution of each of the more than 250 professionals working at the firm. This environment delivers better customer-focused and personalised service. This is a top priority for the company, since generally when a client is making a claim, he or she has experienced a material loss or some other undesirable event hence making the truly personalised service most welcomed. In addition to this focus on customer care, Union Insurance has developed its claims processes and paperwork to be as quick and simple as possible.




To be the trusted insurance provider in the United Arab Emirates and the wider Middle East region.


To deliver innovative, high-value insurance products that provide better risk management solutions to individuals, companies and governments.


  • Empowerment
    • Across our organisation, we foster a culture of employee empowerment, which helps unlock the full potential that exists within each employee. The company, its customers and its employees all benefit as a result.
  • Equal Opportunity
    • In a multicultural business environment like the UAE, it is crucial that all employees know that they have the same opportunities for advancement, based on performance, not nationality.
  • Friendship
    • Insurance is a people business, so we cultivate a collaborative and collegial atmosphere within the company, and we treat our clients with respect and care.
  • Innovation
    • Markets, business environments and risks continually change. We are constantly looking for new ways to add value to our products and develop new ones that provide clients with the best risk-management tools.
  • Quality
    • We instil a commitment to quality among our professionals across every part of our business. This ensures that we consistently deliver a better customer experience and higher-quality products to our clients.
  • Reliability
    • Our clients know that we are always ready to serve them, while the strength of our technical team means they can count on our products to provide the best-possible insurance coverage.
  • Social Responsibility
    • As an organisation committed to helping people and companies manage risk, we deeply believe in making a real and positive impact in the communities that we serve.
  • Teamwork
    • By working as a team, our employees generate enhanced value that we pass on to our clients through superior customer experience and better insurance products
  • Trust
    • Consistent in what we say and do, and always providing superior risk-management products, clients and partners trust Union Insurance to deliver as we promise.

Board Of Directors

Mr. Mohammed Hareb Al Mazroei

Mr. Bashar Nayel Al Zoubi

Mr. Ahmed Maged Lootah

Mr. Mohammed Salem Al Hossany

Mr. Mohammed Mortada Al Dandishy

Mr. Abdul Muttaleb M. Al Jaedi
Managing Director & CEO

Senior Management

Mr. Abdul Muttaleb M. Al Jaedi
Managing Director & CEO

Mr. Usman Khadmi
President - General Insurance

Mr. Kamal Chhabra
President - Life, Affinity,
Bancassurance & Personal Lines

Mr. Hari Prasad
Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Anshul Srivastav
Chief Information Officer


Abdul Muttaleb M. Al Jaedi
Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer

Here at Union Insurance Company, we highly value people. This begins with our staff, who we treat with care and respect, and extends to our customers, who enjoy a superior level of customer service, because of our skilled and motivated employees.

Better customer experience

Firstly, we provide better protection and risk management, thereby giving peace of mind to individuals, business owners and government entities. Secondly, our employees ensure that every time a client or potential client engages with us, their experience is friendly, quick and efficient whether it is discussing or signing up for a new policy, conducting a risk assessment or gap analysis, or processing a claim.

Adding value to risk management

Our clients also value Union Insurance because they know we understand that markets and market conditions are continually evolving, thus creating new risks that require new products. We help our clients to be prepared for almost any unforeseen hazard because our qualified technical team works hand-in-hand with clients to prepare policies that provide just the right types of cover. Additionally, the team continually looks to add value to existing risk-management solutions and to develop new policies to meet emerging needs.

To ensure that our technical team, and all members of our staff, serve clients to the best of their ability, we foster a corporate culture that is open, empowering and collegial. This is the simple reason behind our innovative products and superior customer service.

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Ir Contact

Riham Osama


+971 4 378 7609



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With offices across the UAE, Union Insurance is close at hand to serve clients. Whether signing up for a new policy or making a claim, you can reach us at any of the offices below. Also, be sure to check this page regularly, as we continue to open new offices.

Toll free number : 800 UIC4U(84248)
Enquiries : info@unioninsurance.ae
Comments : feedback@unioninsurance.ae
Regularly Working Hours : 8:30am to 05.00pm


Head Office

Single Business Tower, Sheikh Zayed Road
P.O Box 119227 Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Tel: +971 (04) 3787 777(764)
Fax: +971 (04) 3787 778

Abu Dhabi (Motor Claims)

Al Corniche tower Building, Abu Dhabi Corniche,
P.O Box 54524 Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Tel: +971 (02) 6906 555
Fax: +971 (02) 6906 556

Ajman (Motor Claims)

Ground & Mezzanine Floors, Ajman Building
Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Road
P.O Box 1225 Ajman, United Arab Emirates
Tel: +971 (06) 7014666
Fax: +971 (06) 7014668

Dubai (Motor Claims)

Al Ittihad Road, Al Mana Building,
Showroom no. 6,
P.O Box 35272 Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Tel: +971 (04) 3787 444
Fax: +971 (04) 3787445


Jebel Ali Free Zone Building 16 Office no. 15,
P.O Box 119227 Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Tel: +971 (04) 3787 477
Fax: +971 (04) 3787 478


Jumeirah Business Centre (JBC3) Cluster Y,
16th Floor, Jumeirah Lakes Towers
P.O Box 119227 Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Tel: +971 4 315 1700
Fax: +971 4 315 1701

Ras Al Khaimah (Motor Claims)

Al Nakheel- Al Naeem Building,
Office # 101 & 102
Etisalat Street
P.O BOX 12921 Ras Al Khaimah,
United Arab Emirates
Tel: +971 (07) 203 8181
Fax: +971 (07) 203 8182

Sharjah (Motor Claims)

Al Raha Tower, Showroom no. 2
P.O Box 97733 Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
Tel: +971 (06) 5939 888
Fax: +971 (06) 5939 889


DHA Complaints

©Copyright 2016-2017 union insurance CO.All Rights Reserved


DHA Complaints

©Copyright 2016-2017 union insurance CO.All Rights Reserved